[INKUBS KREASI-ESAI ILMIAH] Kabalite.com: an All-In-One Website as First Aid for Healing and Preventing Teenager Mental Illness

Kabalite.com: an All-In-One Website as First Aid for Healing and Preventing Teenager Mental Illness

Luke Gilbert Buysang (lukegilbert2104@gmail.com)


Pandemic in Indonesia impacts our lives, which is mental health. According
to Ministry of Health data, in 2020, mental health cases in Indonesia increased by 40% during the pandemic. (Susanto, 2020). The mental health impact has adverse effects on sustainability which
includes three aspects, namely social, environmental, and economic. Good mental health will affect good sustainability. Technology development makes more straightforward access to healing mental illness. In the era of 4.0, mental health has become the attention of teenagers. Healing is a method that is currently widely used to express problems. In our opinion, mental health is the first barrier to overcoming challenges, especially sustainability. Therefore, efforts are needed to reduce the number of mental health impacts. We need media that can be the “first aid” to improve mental health to overcome that. Therefore, we created an all-in-one website that includes many features to be at least able to help teenagers in terms of healing named Kabalite.com. Kabalite.com is a website that contains many features, such as podcasts, sound effects, music/songs, and many more. Kabalite.com can help teenagers minimize mental illness cases while increasing the digital economy and building youth awareness for a harmonious environment.

The colors used on the Kabalite website are color psychology to help
with anxiety and depression levels. Yellow can give a more lively and
energetic atmosphere, besides that it can give you the desire to be more productive. (Angela, 2021). Besides yellow, the reason we chose yellow is because yellow is a bright color. By using bright colors that children like and attract attention such as red, yellow, orange in learning facilities, it will stimulate children to have
activities and imagine. (Sari, 2004). By understanding that children can stimulate activity and imagination, we also conclude that teenagers can also be enthusiastic and productive. We also hope that the theme, which is yellow, can have an effect that can cure mental illness. Many of the features of kabalite, of course, have their own benefits for mental health. With music, a person can express his feelings even though the expression of a person’s feelings is different. Music can also create highly focused learning conditions, where vocabulary and reading material are absorbed at a large rate. If information is packaged through rhythm and rhyme, these musical elements will provide a link for memory. (Irawana, 2019). 

For some sound effects, it has its own impact on mental health.
Psychologically, when it rains, it can evoke emotional memories. Where the memories that have existed in the past when it rained will determine the emotional state when it was raining which is of course very personal. What is felt when it rains is a personal experience of different emotional changes. The emotions felt include happiness, a sense of calm, and also fear. The emotion of pleasure is present when the rain is not windy and there is no sound of lightning, the sound of water and the smell of petrichor brings a sense of fascination and comfort to the rain. It was explained that rain made a person’s mind associate with past memories, eventually changing emotions emerged because they could feel a sense of happiness such as falling in love
because the stylist had a happy experience when it rained, namely the
experience of playing in the rain with friends or alone. The pleasure where the feeling of calm when it rains is heard the sound of water drops falling from the sky. (Christabel, 2021). The results of the study stated that natural sound music can increase relaxation, improve physical and psychological conditions for individuals. (Pambudi dkk., 2020). The inner atmosphere affects the creative process of making creative works. There are external and internal aspects that influence, namely in the form of songs with sad and lofi genres that make these songs an inspiration in making works. (Gilang, 2021). The use of podcasts in guiding imagery has been carried out in development research in increasing self-confidence aimed at developing imagery exercises in increasing self-confidence. (Prasetya dkk., 2021). 

If it is associated with the high number of psychological disorders in
Indonesia, it is deemed necessary to carry out a form of developing an
understanding of mental health using promotive videos. Video is used as a medium to understand the public about mental health. In addition, what needs to be done when someone has a psychological disorder. Research on the use of video in providing understanding is often carried out on children. When viewing a video, someone will see their own behavior and will compare it with what the model in the video did. (Astutik, 2020). 

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